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Combination set roofing tool

A brief history of the industry

Did you know the first globally adopted major advancement to the traditional set square was over 139 years ago by Laroy Starrett? In 1925, the Speed® Square was invented by Albert J Swanson which simplified roof carpentry across the world. Today, these innovations are still the most recent, globally adopted advancements to the set square, however The Roofus® has begun to set a new precident within the industry since 2018 and is now sold to more than 95 countries. Roofus® is gradually becoming the new industry standard tool for construction material preparation worldwide, due to its patented design offering 3-4x more functionality than any other option on the market.

Roofus the Problem with existing tools

The Problem

Many building trades need up to 10 different material prep tools, No significant technology advancement since 1925

  • One practical tool for material preparation did not exist
  • Traditional tools have limited functionality and features
  • The traditional tool repertoire doesn’t all fit in a toolbelt at once
  • Tools without angle scales and lockable settings are a liability
  • Walking around a job site looking for tools is not productive

The Solution

Complement or replace all those tools and more with just one tool that fits neatly into your tool belt or toolbox.

  • Replaces up to 10 traditional layout tools
  • Adjusts in seconds to provide a different use
  • Provides 3-4x improved working efficency
  • Less time spent walking to fetch other tools
  • Less tools = less money spent on replacements

Benefits of the Roofus

Provides 3-4x better working efficiency

Replaces up to 10 tools, Adjusts in seconds

Minimal time wasted fetching other tools

Less tools + less weight =
Improved work life quality

Time = Money + Less tools to buy & replace

See the Roofus in action

Market Competition

Roofus Functionality v Competitors

Combo Square


Pivot Square


Speed Square


Quick Square




Sliding Bevel


Builders Protractor








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After using the Roofus, you will ask yourself how you ever got by without it in the first place. It is bound to become your most used tool

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