IP – Patents, Trade Marks & Registered Designs

Roofus is protected by the following granted and pending Patents, Trade Marks and Registered Designs

Australian Patent No 2014277771
Canadian Patent Application No 3005919
Chinese Patent Application No 201580068300.6
European Patent Application No 15868688.1
US Patent No 10,239,200

Trade Marks
Australian Trade Mark Registration No 1746529
Canadian Trade Mark Application No 1820620
Chinese Trade Mark Application No 1347569CN
European Union Trade Mark Application No 1347569EP
US Trade Mark Registration No 5,326,481

Registered Designs
Australian Registered Design No 201612886
Australian Registered Design No 201813186
Australian Registered Design No 201813187
Australian Registered Design No 201812946
Canadian Design Application No 171804
Chinese Registered Design No ZL2018306813461
European Design Registration No 003491364-0001
US Design Patent No D814,322