Roofus® Standard – Metric + FREE T-shirt

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Product specifications: – Roofus ‘Standard’ Metric

  • Fitted with a 350mm metric blade and graduated in millimetres
  • Degree scale 1° – 55°
  • Imperial rise & run scale 1 – 17 (traditional)
  • Hip & valley angle scales for each of the front scales on the tools’ reverse side which includes a hip & valley scale calibrated with degrees and a hip & valley scale calibrated with the imperial rise and run scale
  • Precision moulded from tough glass filled resin
  • Jet black angle scale markings for best visibility in all working conditions.

Roofus Standard is most recommended for your tool pouch to go everywhere that you do weighing just 260 grams with jet black angle scale markings which you can read through wet sunglasses. Built to last and packed full of fiberglass, the Roofus Standard is also fit to take on even precise exposed work. Don’t underestimate our fantastic plastic… it’s typically used to replace high precision metal parts in the automotive industry and it certainly isn’t cheap. 

Roofus Pro models are a little more precise and are recommended for keeping at your cutting bench on the ground, but are also great in the tool belt weighing just 350 grams.
If you are a fixing carpenter, shipwright, kitchen installer or boiler maker doing quite precise work, the Roofus Pro is most likely the best choice for you, however the Roofus standard’s performance and accuracy is only about 5-10% less than the Roofus Pro. Both versions of the Roofus are put through the exact same testing and calibration checking procedures so their differences are very minimal. 


The only Genuine product of this design angle measuring square is called a ‘Roofus®’ (that is our product only) – anything else is fake, unauthorised and inferior and infringes on our patents and designs secured in most of the world. All the fake imitations of our product are completely un-usable so don’t waste your money.

You can only buy the original ROOFUS from our website: (this website) and our authorised distributors!

Any other seller is unauthorised and is hosting a SCAM. They will send you an inferior fake copy with pretend angle scales, or send you nothing! Even if they are using our photos or videos, it’s still a SCAM, don’t be fooled!

Bonus t-shirt

Available in size: S, M, L, XL, XXL

  • 100% cotton (black)
  • Artwork: Screen printing
  • Soft, comfortable and durable 150gsm fabric
  • Size XXL consists of our new artwork design i.e.) Roofus™ Logo on the front side and slogan – 10 JOBS, 1 TOOL™

All other sizes (S, M, L, XL) consist of the following artwork:

  • Roofus™ Logo on the front side
  • 10 JOBS, 1 TOOL™ and ‘Mr Roofus’ cartoon on the back side


Additional information

Weight 0.69 kg
Dimensions 41 × 14.5 × 5.5 cm
T-shirt Size

S, M, L, XL, XXL


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