Roofus® – FAQ


This FAQ list is the ©copyright of Roofus Tools Pty Ltd and cannot be used or re-produced without their permission in writing. 

What is the difference between the Pro and the Standard Roofus®? 

Only the triangular body’s material construction is different.

The body of the Roofus Pro is CNC machined from solid aluminum with engraved angle scale markings. 

The body of the Roofus Standard is injection moulded from glass fiber filled composite resin but it has jet black ‘ink filled’ angle scale markings for increased visibility and readability. 



Which Roofus® is the most accurate? 

Firstly, it comes down to how accurate you need or want your Roofus® to be and what area of it’s functionality is the most important to you. The accuracy of all Roofus® models frequently exceeds customer expectations.

Both models are very closely matched in accuracy with the Pro only being about 10% more accurate that the Standard. 

The leveling accuracy of all models is essentially identical, however the Pro model generally offers about 10% greater accuracy due to its rigid and smooth machined aluminium construction. 

The angle projection accuracy of both Roofus® models is essentially identical due to our very careful selection of manufacturing technologies and stringent accuracy testing procedures. 

If squareness accuracy is exceptionally important to you, we recommend the Pro model. 

We recommend the Standard model for use outdoors in the elements due to it’s easy to read black angle scale markings, reduced weight and better impact resistance. 



Do you ship to the UK? 

Yes we do! We ship worldwide! Order your Roofus® at and choose your preferred shipping option (snail mail, standard or express) 

You can also purchase from our UK reseller UVPC Hardware



When will my Roofus® get delivered?

I didn’t receive a tracking number..

Step 1: Check you didn’t purchase from a scam website! 

Make sure you purchased your Roofus® from or one of our authorized distributors viewable at

If you didn’t purchase from our website or one of our authorized distributors, you’ve been scammed or have purchased from an unauthorized seller that will send you fake junk that won’t work, or nothing at all. 

Step 2: Check your email for tracking information (If you purchased at

Search your inbox and junk mail for your order shipment tracking emails received from 

Search your inbox and junk mail for an order confirmation email received from which will contain your Order Number. 

Step 3: If you did order a GENUINE Roofus® and you have a problem.

Contact us via this link and provide the details of your problem



What does Roofus® weigh?

The Roofus® Pro’s net weight is 350 grams

The Roofus® Standard’s net weight is 250 grams



What are the finished dimensions of Roofus?

When adjusted to the square (home) setting:

A Metric Roofus is: 28mm x 103mm x 350mm

An Imperial Roofus is: 1.10” x 4.05” x 14”

Is Roofus® available with millimetre and inch graduations together?

No, not yet!

Both Roofus® variant’s (Pro and Standard) are available in either Metric -OR- Imperial variants (one or the other)

We don’t yet have a Roofus® model that consists of both metric and imperial graduations but if you could use one, let us know via email to to help with our product development. 



Can the blade lock’s lever be adjusted in orientation?

Yes it can! You can adjust the blade lock lever in increments of 20° with respect to the brass nut in the clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

Over time or from the wear of it’s use, the blade lock’s lever may begin to rotate just a little too far and obstruct the plumb cuts edge from clean contact with materials or a surface. Luckly, we knew this may happen so this feature was designed to be adjusted as easily as possible.

Watch this video to find out how. It’s simple and very few tools are required.