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Explore the relevant applications, uses and advantages of the Roofus® suitable to you.

Roofus Roof Carpentry

Roof Carpentry

The Roofus was developed specifically for the roof carpenter, by a roof carpenter. Fit for over 90% of your daily material prep tasks, The Roofus® is a compact and portable rafter square the same size as a combination square. Through innovative design, The Roofus typically replaces a: Speed square, Combination Square/protractor, Sliding T Bevel, Squangle, Builders Protractor, Quick Square, Digital Level, and in some instances a 2 foot framing square.

Mark repeatable and perfectly accurate rafter top cuts, heel cuts and seat cuts with no adjustment to The Roofus®. Mark hip and valley rafters with ease using the inbuilt angle scales on the reverse side of Roofus. One is calibrated with traditional degrees, the other with imperial rise and run. Roofus almost obliterates a Torpedo level with measuring capabilities of: vertical, horizontal, 45-degrees, 2D or absolutely any angle you like. Set Roofus® to an existing pitch using the in-built level vials. Anywhere between horizontal and vertical can be measured with accuracy of up to 0.3-degrees. Roofus is ideal for all aspects of roof and wall construction, cladding and maintenance.

Finish Carpentry

The Roofus is a great all rounder square that covers a wide range of capabilities, even if you don’t do roofing and wall framing. Replacing a combination square at first glance, Roofus extends well past this to providing a protractor fit to tackle almost any mitre join calculations on architraves, skirting boards, shelves and scotia mouldings. Roofus obviates a torpedo level with measuring capabilities of: vertical, horizontal, 45-degrees, 2D or absolutely any angle you like. Great for marking square, tapered or angled checkouts without the need for sliding bevels and guess work. Use Roofus to measure and mark wall squareness deviations on materials, or simply reference from its angle scales for precise readouts and use a compound mitre saw with confidence. The Roofus is adjusted to suit a task in seconds, saving the walk back and forth to fetch other tools.

Roofus Finish Carpentry
Roofus Roof Plumbing

Roof Plumbing

Forget your sliding bevel or protractor for angled flashing cuts on gable roof ends and barge spandrels, the Roofus has it covered. Slot a Roofus into your tool belt and you are ready to measure and mark almost any sheet or flashing cuts you may come across in residential and commerical roofing. Set The Roofus to the exact roof pitch/angle using the level vials, then mark and cut your flashings with ease and no guess work. Measure or determine the angles involved for any given downpipe with The Roofus, then mark it out ready to snip and fold into shape. Like a combination square, use the Roofus as a marking gauge to mark out gutter pops or checkouts for downpipes in fascias.

Metal Fabrication

The Roofus is perfect for the preparation of virtually any square or rectangular steel sections offering instant square and 45-degree reference like a combination square, plus the ability to mark ANY degree angle measurement possible, from steep to shallow. If you use a sliding bevel, protractor, set square, torpedo level, digital level or a line of chords, the Roofus is going to make your life a lot easier. Pay no attention to the Roof carpentry cut language on the tool, you probably won’t need it or understand it, but it’s there incase you do. Using the Roofus to mark or measure angle measurements gives you great control and confidence in your work and allows you to use measurements simultaniouly with a compound cut-off saw, or any other power tools with angular cut settings. Use The Roofus like a jig to set cleats and components at particular angles for welding, or make adjustments as you go by checking your work with The Roofus after tacking.

Roofus Metal Fabrication

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After using the Roofus, you will ask yourself how you ever got by without it in the first place. It is bound to become your most used tool

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